Family History relating to families: Davey Cameron Footman King Evatt Curran Davies Brown

The Ancestors of Robert W Footman

Brief Introduction to the families


The Footmans all seem to have been in the printing trade and lived in various parts of London. George Albert was the son of another George who was born in Hertfordshire in about 1826 but was living in London by the time of his marriage in 1848. George Senior married Emma Waller from Marylebone. George Senior married again after Emma Waller died in 1873, this time to Maria Day, and they had more children. George senior died in 1888.


Emma Waller was born in Marylebone around 1829. She married George in 1848 which means there is only the 1841 census which can give us a clue as to who her parents were. There are 3 or 4 Emma Wallers so it is difficult to know which is the right one. It looks lke they had just 3 children Emma, George Albert and Charles. She died in 1873.


Caroline Tesseyman was married to two brothers. firstly to Charles Footman, then to George Albert. Her father was Charles Tesseyman. Caroline, his daughter was the youngest several children and was by his second wife. It looks like there were some years between her and her closest half brother, Barnabas. Most of the family were in the printing or bookfolding trade.


In 1861 Charles Tesseyman is living with wife Caroline Elizabeth who is 20 years younger than he is. Their daughter Caroline is just 3 years old. He seems to have been married twice with both his wives being called Caroline. I have not got to the bottom of this yet. I am confused about when his first wife Caroline died as she seems to have been alive at the time of the 1851 census, so the likely looking record of death in 1846 obviously cannot be right. I just cannot see another one. I have not been able to find a marriage record so I have not yet found out her surname.