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The Ancestors of Beatrice King

Grandparents of Beatrice King

Unknown King


Ishmael Favell

In 1881 Ishmael was an agricultural labourer. His parents were John and Sarah Favel. I cannot read his 1901 census occupation. It may be something to do with horses but I can make out - on a farm.

Eliza Daws

Eliza was born in Luton. In 1881 she was a mother and also a bonnet sewer. She married Ishmael in 1866. By 1911 she was a widow, living on her own with no occupation. She was 69 and she declared that she had had 7 children, 4 still living and 3 who had died. According to the 1851 census her parents were George and Rebekah. George Daws was a barman and Rebekah was a bonnet sewer as well has having 4 children.